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Car Hire in Kalymnos

Kalymnos is an island of Dodecanese in the southeastern Aegean Sea and one of the most densely populated islands of Greece, while the islands of Pserimos, Telendos and the surrounding islets are included in the municipality of Kalymnos.

For its overhead connection to Athens, Kalymnos National Airport is used in Pothia, while in the same area is the large port of Kalymnos that connects the island with Piraeus, Leros and Kos.

In the capital of Pothia, there is the bus station of Kalymnos, from which there are trains for the other settlements of the island. However, for easy travel, it is necessary to rent a car from Imperial Car Rental.

Kalymnos is inhabited since the Neolithic era, originally from Kares, later Phoenicians and then Dorians, while Homer refers to it as Cheddens.

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At the end of the Archaic period and the beginning of the Classical period, Kalymnos is an autonomous state with a democratic system. After its conquest by the Persians, its liberation and integration into the Athenian Alliance, during the Classical era, presented remarkable cultural acne, with a remnant of that time that remains of the temple of Apollo Kalydnai in Chora.

Later it was occupied by the Romans, during the Byzantine era belonged to the subject of Samos, was destroyed by the Turks in the 10th century, was occupied by the Italians in 1912, until its incorporation with Greece in 1948.

The newer history of Kalymnos was connected with the inhabitants' sponge, for which three museums and a modern archaeological museum are on the island today.

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The Imperial Car Rental rental car will take you to the picturesque villages of Kalymnos and the wonderful beaches.

Walk in the narrow streets of Pothia with the traditional and neoclassical houses and visit its museums, the magnificent Kalymnos Archaeological Museum, the Kalymnos Maritime Museum with rich exhibits on sponge fishing, the private Folk Traditional Museum of Kalymnos and the Vouvalis Mansion.

It is worth visiting the Megalo Kastro and the Castle of Chrysoheria in the mountainous Village or Chora, as well as very close to Pothia, the beach of Gefyra and Therma, a region with hot springs and beautiful beaches.

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Continue your tour with the convenience of the Imperial Car Rental and take a stroll in the northeast to the most fertile spot of Kalymnos, Akti and Vathi, a valley with mandarins ending at the Rhine harbor in a unique beauty fjord , where is also the stunning Cave with a lake, Daskalio.

It is a must-see ride to the bay of Palión, one of the most beautiful places in the Dodecanese, and from here you can continue to Emporio, Kalamies, Skalias with the beautiful cave and Arginunda.

If your travels are easy thanks to Imperial Car Rental, you need a swim in the long sandy beach of Masouri, the "Mecca" of climbers from all over the world and in the nearby Myrties and Armeo opposite Telendos where you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets.

A little further south, visit Platis Yialos, Linaria and Kantouni in Panormo and at the southernmost point of the island, Vlychadia bay, a magnificent seascape with two wonderful beaches, the Museum of Marine Findings with varieties of marine fauna and flora and the indescribable beauty of Cave of Zeus.

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Among many others, Kalymnos is also famous for its caves, such as the magnificent Grande Grotta, the Kefalas Cave with stalagmites and stalactites, the Cave of the Seven Virgins called Cave of Nymphs or Flaska, the Cave of Santos, one of the most beautiful in Greece.

Kalymnos is a fascinating island with indescribable natural beauties that you will discover and enjoy, exploring it with the comfort of the Imperial Car Rental car rental service!

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  • Kalymnos Airport
  • Kalymnos Port
  • Kalymnos Pothia
  • Masouri
  • Myrties
  • Panormos

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